Flokati Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Flokati Rug Cleaning Connecticut

A Flokati rug requires the care and attention that any fine home product demands. The construction and fine quality of a Flokati rug need more attention than hand knotted or tufted area rugs.
The process used to create a handmade Flokati rug utilizes wool. A method that dates back to ancient Greece is used in making the beautiful rugs. Often, the rugs are dyed and are typically broad.

The size and weight of Flokati rugs vary. Many different shades can be found on the market. Flokati rugs are considered precious pieces today just as they were in ancient times. Maintaining a fresh, new look requires owners to have these rugs cleaned regularly.
Properly cared for, the rugs can last a lifetime and be enjoyed by future generations. The cleaning process requires two people. Some Flokati rugs are quite heavy and need more than one person to shake them.

Caring for Flokati Rugs in Your Home

Fresh, outdoor air and shaking are parts of the basic care of a Flokati rug. Indoor odors are removed with fresh air. It helps restore oxygen that enhances the wool fibers of a Flokati rug. Direct sunlight exposure is harmful.

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A light water mist sprayed on the rug, followed by gentle brushing with a soft brush make Flokati rugs fluffier. Start at the center and brush toward the edges. It is normal and safe for wool fibers to adhere to the brush.
After sweeping, shake the rug from each corner. Do not walk on a damp rug. Allow it to dry. To remove odors left by pets that sleep on the rug, hang the rug outdoors. Shaking or light brushing removes pet hair easily.

Dilute small stains with water. Do not soak the area. Quickly, work to prevent a stain from hardening or drying. Rubbing will push the stain deep into the pile. Use a spoon or scoop to remove solid spills as much as possible.
Air dry the rug. Excessive heat is harmful to Flokati rugs. Restore the texture of the rug by lightly brushing the pile when it is dry. Occasionally, your rug will need to be washed. A gentle cycle and mild soap designed for wool can be used to clean small rugs in a washing machine.
Large rugs are difficult to handle and cannot be placed into the washing machine. It is best to have both small and large rugs cleaned by professional rug cleaners.

Rugs Cleaned Professionally

The process is extremely efficient when left to professional rug cleaners. They have developed the skills needed for the job. Cleaning Flokati rugs is a five-step process. Each step is carefully carried out by the experts to achieve effective results.
The Inspection –The inspection takes note of any stains that appear.

Soak – The stains are removed by soaking in a solution until they disappear.
Rinse – After the soak, water is used to thoroughly rinse the Flokati rug to remove any residue left behind. Often, water is the only thing required to clean the rug.
Wash – A cleaning agent is used if necessary.
Drying the Rug – A state-of- the-art drying room is used to carry out the drying process. It requires only a short time to dry before the rug is reinspected.
Any blemish found is taken care of to guarantee the customer is satisfied with the service quality.
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