Oriental Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Oriental Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Oriental rugs originate from countries such as India, China, and Iran. They are known for their unique designs and vibrant colors. The addition of an Oriental rug brings a room to life, but like any rug, they can get dirty.
When done correctly, the cleaning process of Oriental rugs optimizes the desired level of results in a way that does not spoil the quality of the rug.

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Technicians take the following steps:
• Inspect the rug and identify stains
• Provide a cost estimate to clean the rug that also details specific techniques used in the process. Professionals do not proceed without customer approval. The steps, taken minimize any cleaning risks.
• Dust and other particles are removed with a vacuum.
• A pre-treatment process removes heavy, deep stains.
• The technician chooses one of three techniques to clean the rug. They are:
o A tack out procedure
o Dry cleaning
o A specialized cleaning process
• If needed, extra treatments are applied to address moth damage, odor, or extra protection.
• Drying takes place in a state-of-the-art drying room.
• When dried, technicians inspect and examine the rugs again.
• Typically, there is no need to repeat the process. The process of cleaning the Oriental rug is repeated when stains are not completely removed or a customer has another issue.

oriental rug cleaning CT

Three Cleaning Techniques

Specialized Process for Cleaning Oriental Rugs

The method provides thorough cleaning. A mild detergent solution is sprayed on the rugs. To remove soil and dust particles, bristles are used, to gently scrub the rug. It is then rinsed and set to dry. A spotless rug, looking good as new

Dry Clean

A cleaner, rather than water, is used in the dry-cleaning process of Oriental rug cleaning. It is used on delicate rugs that may degrade in water. No labor-intensive hand washing is used. Professionals only use the method when they believe water will fade the rug.

Tack Out Procedure

Rugs at risk of shrinking or losing their shape are cleaned using the tack out process. The rug is washed while firmly tacked into position on a sturdy surface. The procedure prevents loss of form and shrinkage.
Oriental Rug Preservation
An Oriental rug can last for years. Having them professionally cleaned is a means of maintaining their beauty.
There are a few things that can be done between cleanings to keep them in the best condition:
• Avoid direct sunlight – Oriental rugs can fade when exposed to sunlight. Avoid the problem with the careful placement of the rugs.
• Regular vacuuming – Vacuuming removes dirt and debris and keeps rug fibers from matting. Be careful to avoid getting the fringe in the vacuum.
• Spot cleaning – Blot the excess liquid from spills and stains with a cloth or paper towel. Small amounts of club soda can be us loosen a stain. Cleaners such as soap and detergent should be avoided. They damage fibers of the carpet.
• Rotate the rugs – An area rug that remains in place in high-traffic areas is subject to excessive wear. Rotate the rugs every couple of months to prevent the problem.

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