Pakistani Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Pakistani Rug Cleaning Connecticut

It is the intricate design of a Pakistani rug that makes it so famous the world over. The handmade construction and variety in color distinguish it from a Western rug. Red is the most common color.
A Pakistani rug also comes in green, blue, black, and light brown. It takes 3000 hours to create a Pakistani rug. Wool is the fiber used in making most of them. Wool fibers produce a high-quality, hard wearing rug that has a luster to it.

Pakistani rugs come in many sizes. At the time that India ruled Pakistan, Pakistan was the rug production center. When the country gained its independence, the rug industry had a significant role in the economy of Pakistan.
The weaving techniques and designs influenced traditional Pakistani rugs. Each region contributed unique weave, design, and other aspects. In modern Pakistan, rug production is very limited. Gabbeh rugs are the only rugs produced. The rugs are hand knotted. They have few uniform or matching colors.

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A Pakistani Rug in a Home Today

Pakistani rugs fit into nearly any décor which makes them quite practical. They are excellent choices for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and stairways. The traditional, transitional, and modern Pakistani rug types are valued in the fashion industry.
Pakistani rug owners don’t want rugs to suffer damage caused by spilled juice or cocktails. No one is attracted to dirty rugs. Professional rug cleaners can address the problem. They can deal with spills and other issues and make the rugs look good as new and stain-free.

Why Hire a Professional?

Traditional homemade remedies are not likely to clean a Pakistani rug. Expert cleaning technicians have the equipment to deal with rug stains without causing damage to the quality of the rug.
Methods used to clean Pakistani rugs are somewhat different than methods used for cleaning other rugs. Experts have respect for the rugs and will choose the technique right for your rug. Inspection, washing, and drying are part of the process involved. To protect from damage products made exclusively for Pakistani rugs are used. The technician:
• Inspects the rug
• Vacuums dry particles of dust
• Uses a delicate and extensive washing method
• Dries with a combination of heat and air conditioning
If you have tried, traditional homemade remedies that did not work, you need a professional cleaning service. Any stain or soil on the rug for two months or more needs to be removed by a professional.

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Professional cleaning ensures the rug has no harmful particles such as bacteria and dust not detected by the naked eye. Those particles can cause allergic reactions and skin problems. A clean Pakistani rug reduces health problems and guarantees a brighter room.
Depending on the traffic a Pakistani rug is subjected to, it should be cleaned every one, two or three years. Pakistani rugs deserve more than an average rug cleaner. Those listed on Angie’s List are the best service providers available. You want the rug cleaned by a rug cleaner that makes satisfying customers a priority by offering services of exceptional quality

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