Persian Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Persian Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Cleaning a Persian rug is essential to the preservation of its value, aesthetics, and quality. The rugs are a valuable investment, considered by many to be artwork and an indication of wealth. Persian rugs are unparalleled in charm, beauty, and color.
It does not matter what design, size, color, style, or shape of the rug, a Persian rug offers exquisite magnificence and elegance that adds sophistication and finesse to the interior design. Most Persian rug owners do not have the knowledge, or expertise needed to clean and maintain the rugs. Cleaning Persian rugs demands lots of care, attention and understanding.

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Accidents Are Bound to Happen

It makes no difference how carefully you attend to Persian rugs; they are susceptible to stains and spills. Hiring a professional rug cleaner as quickly as possible when a stain to the valuable asset is noticed, is highly recommended. The technician can address a stain with little effort.
The stains and marks on Persian rugs are not always visible. They are there and should be cleaned by an expert. Even when Persian rugs are vacuumed weekly, pounds of dirt can be embedded in the fibers. A competent rug cleaner will use cleaning techniques that leave a Persian rug thoroughly clean and spotless.

Safe Cleaning Techniques Used to Beautify Persian Rugs

Experts have extensive experience in cleaning and repairing Persian rugs. They have access to unique cleaning practices, tools, and methods to ensure no harm comes to your rug. Each rug is inspected to identify marks, stains, and dirty spots not detected by the naked eye.
While inspecting the rug, the technician makes a note of the dyes and fibers used in the rug. The process goes beyond the typical self-attempted surface cleaning. Methods and solutions are used to comply with the industry standards.

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The beauty and softness of the rug go unharmed. Fine Persian rugs should be cleaned by dedicated professionals who have been trained in the execution of the hand washing process. The exquisite workmanship of a Persian rug requires a gentle touch to keep from ruining it.
To prevent mold and mildew from developing the rug is dried carefully. Each rug has a unique set of demands for cleaning it. A professional can give your Persian rug the care and attention it needs.

Preventing Damage to Persian Rugs

Rugs that are not adequately cleaned can become damaged. The beautiful fabric used to make Persian rugs is sensitive to wear-and-tear. The rugs can degrade as they age. These techniques delay aging.
• Keep rugs out of direct sunlight. Sunlight causes rugs to become lighter and fade. The natural substances used in coloring the antique rugs make them vulnerable.
• Rotate your rugs. By rotating the rugs on a monthly basis, the rugs will be uniform in color if they do fade.
• Change the path the rug creates. Furniture, placed on a rug, determines a path to be used. Move the furniture in a way that changes the walkway. By rearranging the furniture, you stop the occurrence of damage in a single location.

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