Silk Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Silk Rug Cleaning Connecticut

A beautiful silk rug will enhance the appearance of any décor. The colors in a silk rug give a stunning ambiance to a room. Finding suitable silk rugs is not always easy to do. If you own of one of the durable and simplistic silk rugs, it needs to be taken care of properly.
Well-maintained silk rugs last for years. The rugs must be spotlessly clean to provide the desired effects. Soiled grubby silk rugs are ugly decorative pieces. Avoid adverse effects by treating silk rugs correctly.

Do-it-yourself methods can potentially spoil a silk rug’s quality. A reputable cleaning company is the best way to care for your rugs. The processes used by professionals do not ruin the rugs. The results are pleasing to their customers.

Removing Dust

Care starts with the removal of dust from the rugs. Dusting is not only part of the cleaning process but serves aesthetic purposes. Equipment used to vacuum the rugs exceeds any dust removal that a regular vacuum is capable of providing.
Even particles burrowed deep in the fibers of the rug are removed. The threads are not damaged in the process.

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Removing Stains

Silk rug stains caused by grease particles, liquid spills, or other sticky substances settling on the pile and accumulating are professionally removed. The removal process addresses contaminants in the rug.
After the appropriate cleaning agents and techniques are used, the area is disinfected. Stains are removed down deep into the rug.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Technicians choose between dry cleaning and hand washing. They know the method that produces the best results for a rug. The rug is washed with a mild detergent, then thoroughly rinsed. If color fading is a potential hazard, dry compounds are used.
Spills and stains leave a foul odor. Deodorizing agents ensure the rug smells new and fresh. For extra protection, a layer of specific, advanced compounds is applied. They slow down deterioration and make the rug stain resistant.

Dye Bleeding

Several things can cause silk rugs to bleed. Silk rugs that are steam cleaned or washed incorrectly will bleed. Weak dyes will sometimes run. Defective dyes and after-market painting cause damage to rugs.

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If a bleed occurs, absorb the soiled area with a cloth. Contact a professional rug cleaner if the problem is not solved by using a towel. Because silk fibers are delicate, spot cleaning and gentle ongoing care are necessary. They require a different approach than ordinary cotton rugs or wool rugs.
The fibers of silk come from the cocoons of silkworms. The fibers are very resilient and surprisingly durable. A silk rug stretches and easily returns to the original size due to its resiliency.

The delicate rugs are lightweight and very smooth. The material stains easily and should not be placed in high-traffic areas. Frequent traffic leads to damage and color fading of the embroidery on the rug.
Those situations cannot be corrected. Abrasive cleaning damages a silk rug. Let a professional, clean your silk rugs to ensure adequate cleaning that is safe.

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