Turkish Rug Cleaning

Turkish Rug Cleaning Connecticut

The exotic flair Turkish rugs bring to a home make them an attractive commodity. Another reason they are so popular is the quality of the craftsmanship used to create them.
The intricate patterns of handmade Turkish rugs exude an exotic aura. Precautions must be taken with Turkish rugs because they wear out quickly. They are an investment that requires care so that you can show them off proudly.
The following are handy tips to use when cleaning Turkish rugs. They amount to the basic instructions Turkish rug owner should follow in the care and cleaning of these beautiful items.

Frequent and Thorough Cleaning

Turkish rugs cannot be vacuumed and be expected to look good. The nozzle attachment of a vacuum can be used but not the revolving brush. A natural bristle hand broom can also be used. When using the nozzle or brush, treat both sides to draw as much grime, dirt, and bugs, from the rug as possible. Turkish rugs tend to accumulate hard to remove dust.

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Preserving Color

As dirt and grime accumulate, the rug’s vibrant colors get dull. A natural wash consisting of three parts cold water to one part vinegar works out nasty stains. Vinegar is not a harsh chemical. It is a natural chemical that will not affect the color and vibrancy.

Rubbing Makes Matter Worse

It is almost instinctive to rub in circles in an attempt to get out a stain. That technique is not to be used on Turkish rugs. Rubbing causes stains to go deep into the rug. When removing one stain, do not get the entire rug wet. Using a spray bottle, direct the vinegar water solution only to the portion that is stained.

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Hire a Professional

To ensure your Turkish rug stays in good condition, hire a professional rug cleaning service to clean the rug. No matter how hard you try, it is unlikely your rug will be as vibrant and clean as it was originally if your attempt to clean it on your own.
Professionals ensure your Turkish rug is cleaned with proper care and attention. Specialized equipment is used for the task. Cleanliness is the best defense against damage and a significant step toward the preservation of the rug.
There is no recommended frequency for cleaning Turkish rugs. Every household differs in the amount of dirt and wear exposure. Some rugs need to be cleaned every six months, other every two years.

Light colored pattern rugs may need cleaning more often than rugs with intricate dark-colored designs. You can use the feel of the rug to determine the need to be cleaned. If the pile is coarse and harsh rather than velvety and smooth, the rug needs to be cleaned.
You can also fold a corner and tap the rug’s underside over the palm. If dust, grit, and loose fibers are shed in a fine powder, the need to clean is indicated. Don’t put off having a stained Turkish rug cleaned. Stains that set are more challenging to remove.

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