Wool Rug Cleaning Connecticut

Wool Rug Cleaning Connecticut

For best results, a comprehensive program is required for cleaning wool rugs. Technicians perform techniques carefully as the rugs pass through the phases of the process that ensures wool rugs are cleaned efficiently. The results impress the owners of the rugs.
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Phase One: Inspection
The technician conducts a detailed rug inspection to determine if any specific process will damage the quality of the rug. After completing the examination, the professional rug cleaner chooses the suitable treatment.
Phase Two: Choosing the Treatment
Professional rug cleaners know wool rugs vary in the construction, condition, and type of soil. They are the characteristics of a wool rug that make it unique. These factors determine individualized care of the rugs.
No wool rug cleaning approach is one-size-fits-all. The procedure chosen is meant to preserve the beauty and value of the rug. A dye test determines how stable the dye of a rug is.
Phase Three: The Duster
A specialized duster, designed explicitly for Oriental and wool rugs, is used. It is a piece of equipment that has a vibration of 30,000 strokes per minute. The machine is safe to use on the rugs.
It dislodges even the most stubborn soil and sediment that is trapped deep in the rug. No other piece of equipment removes grit from thick, dense rugs as the rug duster. Eliminating grit is crucial to the well-being of wool rugs.
The abrasiveness of grit can damage rug fibers that reduce the beauty and life of a rug. Powerful vacuums are no match for the process professionals rug cleaners use to remove dirt and other abrasive particles from a rug.
Phase Four: Prewash
A safe-to-use cleaning agent that causes no damage is used in the prewash. The rug is immersed and soaks for the appropriate time to remove dirt and soil particles.
Phase Five: Wash
Cleaning experts use ancient techniques that the industry still approves to clean wool rugs. Hand washing and horse hair brushes deliver the gentle action required. The process involves a thorough warm water rinse that ensures no residue remains.
Phase Six: Drying
The rug is transferred to a modern, clean room where state-of-the-art equipment is used to thoroughly, dry the rug. The temperature in the room is maintained at a specific setting. No moisture remains when the wool rug is dry.
The process causes no harm to the rug’s softness. After drying, the rug is once again inspected and vacuumed. Seldom is further treatment necessary; but if needed, the technician works toward effective results.

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Rug Protection

Anti-stain compounds may be applied when the rug is dry. The scotch guard makes the rug stain resistant for approximately four to five months. It is suggested to have the treatment reapplied at that time.
Another option for rugs with lots of pet stains is sanitation. The standard procedure thoroughly removes stains. A special solution that contains enzymes that kill bacteria is used to immerse the rugs. A deodorizing agent is used to remove the odor.

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